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Our Mission

We are advocating a radical shift in the balance of power between the Executive, Legislative and Judicial of Government.

These three arms of government should have clearly defined and separate powers that provide a system of checks and balances.

Sadly, the constitutions of most countries allow an unhealthy combination of powers. The executive is in the driver's seat,  appoints the judiciary and is not subject to any constraint by the parliament where the the majority that supports it can ram through all legislative proposals.

All the news items that we comment upon should help us to demonstrate how powerless citizens are in the face of a  never-ending tide of legislation.

We try to show how the present system of government leads inevitably to inefficient use of taxpayer's money and a steady erosion of civil liberties.

We use a different definition for the word. Any law, decree, regulation or other government action that is not backed by a direct and binding vote of all the concerned citizens is not democratic. Ticking a box once every four to five years is not a proper way to determine the laws and rules of a society of free citizens.

At the same time we consider all decisions of government and its agencies to be 'illegal' if the decisions have not been agreed by the citizens affected.

The politicians should not be allowed too much freedom. They are not elected to 'impose' their vision on their subjects like some monarch or dictator.

They are elected to look after the administration of the laws and regulations set by the legislative assemblies and ultimately sanctioned by the consent of the people (who will always have the last say due to the right of to start a referendum).

Separation of powers means that the legislature is solely in charge of introducing laws and the government is primarily focused on keeping house and making sure that the machinery of government functions smoothly on a day-by-day basis.

The unhealthy practice that of so-called parliamentary democracies, where legislative and executive power are linked together, makes it all too easy for parties and governments to combine against the interests of the citizens.

Direct democracy would involve citizens directly in the introduction of laws and severely hamper the ambitions of individual politicians.

Modernise Democracy

The purpose of this site is the mobilization and organisation of support for the introduction of modern democratic procedures.

Use of Referendum

This includes the regular and mandatory use of the referendum at all levels of government, - local, regional and national. In addition, all EU policies are to be subject to direct voting as well.

At all levels of government the citizens shall have the right to call for the holding of a vote on all legislation that is not subject to automatic referenda.

Separation of Power

We are calling for a proper separation of the Executive, Legislative and Legal arms of government.

We do not explicitly pass judgement on any current affairs topic that we comment upon on these pages. At this stage they are only used as live examples that allow us to show that the citizen has no real opportunity to participate in the political process and instead is subjected to a never-ending avalanche of legislation, - most of it ill-conceived.

Change Thinking

Step one on the path to reform must be a change in the intellectual atmosphere, in the consciousness of the population. Each example that we quote on these pages is a call for action for it demonstrates the undemocratic way that these decisions were reached. the total lack of participation by the citizens in the way they are 'governed' (ruled would be the better word).

This lack of any ability to control events, the never-ending flood of 'legislation' (vexatious decrees would better describe the output of these latter-day Solons) has led to the wide-spread disenchantment with politics and politicians.

Politics today is a never-ending game of robbing Peter to pay Paul. Only a lack of backbone and will to fight allows this to go on as those robbed somehow passively accept their fate and try to get even by slipping through yet more laws that allow them in turn to rob their fellow-citizens.

We are ready to support any movement that wants to reach its aim by calling for a referendum on the issue that it is interested in. We may not always be of the same opinion as the proponents of a specific referendum but we will always support the process of subjecting the proposal to a direct democratic decision.

The traditional political parties and those that make a good living out of politics as usual will fight us every inch of the way. We will take this as a compliment. Our way to victory can be expected to be a long and hard one as the political
establishment can (ab)use all the instruments of government and propaganda that is has at its disposal.

End Pseudo-Democracy

The form of Democracy that is now practiced in practically all European Countries can at best be called a pseudo democratic regime. It is a first step in the right direction after centuries - millennia even - that were characterised by authoritarian regimes and ideologies - from Feudalism to Absolutism, Communism and Fascism. Socialism, Monarchism and Religion are able to flourish in this quasi-democracy that is unconstrained by effective participation of the citizenry.

End Elective Dictatorship

Ticking a box once in maybe every 4-5 years cannot be called Democracy. Some called it an Elective Dictatorship. The Press is called the real opposition and while it has a useful role to play it has one crucial weakness: it is incapable of acting in a purposeful way to organise a campaign to change the discredited system.

Only the infinite patience - and lethargy - of the citizens allows this system of pseudo-democracy to continue. The same way the masses allowed centuries of feudalism to continue without any effective effort to abolish an evil system.




Why you should support

Are you angry when people want to control your life?

Are you angry when people want to live off the fruit of your work?

Are you angry when people want to tell you what to think?

►If your answer is YES
to any or all of the above questions then you should support our Movement.

is more than a traditional Political Party. We do not see this Cause as a career choice - or stepping stone leading to a lucrative career in the private sector.

is not a Think Tank that publishes lengthy reports that are only read by a few insiders and later disappear in some library of filing cabinet.

is not a Lobby or Special Interest Group that tries to gain advantage at the expense of other groups of society.

is not a Religion or Ideology and does not try to make people believe in something except in the belief that no one should be allowed to rule our lives.

Decisions you would be able to influence:

By giving the reader examples of recent policy decisions we highlight the dramatic impact the introduction of Direct Democracy would have on the political life of all countries.

All the following decisions where taken without the participation of the affected citizens. Some - if not most - were highly controversial and have a negative effect for at least some major parts of the country's population.

The present system of government not only leaves the citizens powerless in the face of a never-ending tide of legislation, it also inevitably leads to inefficient use of taxpayer's money and a steady erosion of civil liberties.

See what decisions the citizens could influence directly in a proper democratic system



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